söndag 1 augusti 2010

Gaza - not again #val2010

When the Arab-league gave approval to peace-negotioantions between Abbas and the israeli government - I saw a small thread of hope. But, as usual was there someone who wanted something else than peace and two states - that pressed the button. And we saw rocketfiring against Ashkelon. And that´s the usual behavior to get the usual answer from the israeli authorities. And so we have seen bombs falling over Gaza again.

Is this the beginning of what we have seen before or will someone have the courage to at least look for another way of acting? I hope there are some new leaders in the region that could take a lead for another way forward. But so far, I haven´t seen anyone doing that.

When we (EU and others) are trying to find a way forward to open up the Gaza-strip, for both aid and trade in a more normal way, others put all at risk again. If so, we are letting those forces drive us and take hold of the agenda instead of us doing that.

I think that the people in ME have to see and feel that there are hope for a better, more prosperoes future and not only the history repeating itself all the time. And I think that the rest of the world are also looking for that. I´m longing for the time whem the full potential of the region can be developed - for the people, for the environment and for peace, freedom and prosperity. I´m working for two states within safe and by the others recognised borders. That must be achieved by a negotiated solution. A solution that shows the extremists on all sides that they don´t have the answers for the future. By creating a win-win-situation and a good compromise people can start building up and show those extremist-forces that they are not wanted. And we in Europe, in US and so on must respect the right of the people to find their way forward in compliance with universal human rights. We have to show more of the good examples and look for them as well.

At the moment I´m looking for good examples in the ME. A new town will be build in the West Bank. There was a Yes from the Arab-league. There has been a meeting in Beirut with the influencial leaders outside of Libanon to deal with the threats from Hizbollah. There seems to be an opening for some kind of diplomatic talks with Iran on the nuclear question. I´m looking for good news from the area. Even if it´s a very thin thread of hope - it´s good to look for it =)

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